Novel by author Tina Lindegaard in the genre of contemporary women’s fiction. Read excerpt or buy at With Life

While winter rages outside in the city and the snow relentlessly keeps falling, she thinks back on times past – both good times and bad.

What did she in fact do at the crossroads of life, and were her choices right or all wrong? The choices… They were many, and some had consequences larger than one person could handle. Did she choose well or should she have walked down other paths. And, in the end, does she really want to change anything?

With her cat as company, she starts a diary. She puts down her hidden away reflexions over a life that could have been and a life that is.



Novel by author Tina Lindegaard, a novel rooted in Nordic Noir and Crime with a raw access to the human mind. Read excerpt or buy at’s Touch

The girls spent almost all their time in the big swing – always facing each other. They were safe in front of the yellow house with the white windows. Watched over by people who loved them.

But at the playground, in the shade of the big trees, they are being watched by someone else.

Two sisters – inseparable – are torn apart by evil. Their innocence is shattered. What seemed like a life in luxury becomes a life in fear.

Will they be able to overcome the forces that are out to destroy them? And who will help them?

“Dear Evy, it’s not a question of surviving. It’s a question of dying slowly, so things have time to change.”