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Novels by Tina Lindegaard are inspired by series like The Bridge and The Killing, both have a very real approach to the darker and imperfect sides of the human psyche. The books – with an exception of the first one – are in the genre of Crime/Thriller with clear references and a love of Nordic Noir represented by The Bridge and The Killing.

The Devil’s Touch series are made up of companion books. Devil’s Touch is already available on Amazon. You can also take advantage of Amazon Kindle Unlimited or their Kindle Owner’s Lending Library to read the books. The sequel to Devil’s Touch is named When Shadows Come To Life and will be published in 2016.

In When Shadows Come To Life you will rediscover a good part of the characters from Devil’s Touch, but new characters will emerge. Further When Shadows Come To Life is set in the same setting as Devil’s Touch and you will recognize the same vibe. The books can be read independently, no previous knowledge of Devil’s Touch is needed.

The first book by Tina Lindegaard Dancing With Life is significantly different. The book reflects on a life that is and a life that could have been. It moves along a fine line between a wish for a different life and a content with the life lived by the main character. But as usual with books by Tina Lindegaard, there is a twist to this books as well.

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